Through a rough and questioning time, hope prevails!

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This school year has been an exciting one to say the least! Between the numerous recommitments and first time decisions for Jesus to journeying through some tough situations, God has done so much this school year at Churubusco High School.

One student, “Tom,” has been really struggling lately with as he put it “the cards he was dealt in life.” Tom is a freshman and this was his first year at Churubusco. As the school year has progressed and our relationship grew closer, I got to know Tom’s story.

Tom has grown up in whatever guy’s house his mom is dating at the time. He has moved from place to place his whole life. The only people who have really been consistent in his life, besides his mother, are his great grandparents. Recently, Tom called me and asked if we could talk.

We met at Magic Wand where he proceeded to tell me he just went through a breakup with his girlfriend, found out his great grandma has cancer, and the man his mom is dating (whose house they live in) just went to jail. As we talked Tom confessed that he is having trouble controlling his anger and has been taking it out on his girlfriend and his little siblings. This opened the door to talk to Tom about Jesus and the peace He can give. We also got to talk about healthy ways to let his emotions out, instead of bottling them up. During our time together, Tom had several questions about his faith and how someone can stay strong through the tough times in life. Tom accepted Christ in March at the Magic Wand at a similar meeting. After our meeting and talking through the situations life has brought him, we went to Amos’ (a volunteer for Campus Life) house to play games so Tom could be in a positive atmosphere that evening and feel loved.

Tom was going through a rough and questioning time, but because of your support he had caring adults in his life he could go to for help in navigating through this tough season. Thank you for your support!

Give Life to Your Story,

Brad Millikan

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