The difference is eternal

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“Tristan”, who recently turned 18 and dropped out of high school, is quiet, smart, and interesting. Our Juvenile Justice Director, Joe, first met him at ACJC about three years ago and found him to be a very unique young man. He stayed away from the other kids like they had some kind of disease. He later learned Tristan has extremely high anxiety issues

He was in and out of ACJC several times. Each time he left, Joe was confident he wouldn't return because he seemed to have his head on straight. After he was released, Joe continually tried to reach him to see if he was okay. Tristan finally returned his call about six months after he was released. He told Joe people had given up on him because he is inconsistent in his relationships. He said he trusted Joe because he hadn't given up on him even after he ignored his calls for months. They made arrangements to meet for breakfast where this frail 130 pounds, 18-year-old ate pancakes like a champion! He hadn't been out of the house in a public place for four months because he is such a recluse. He proceeded to tell Joe his dad, whom he lived with, was in Lutheran Hospital because of a stroke from consistent drug usage. He also told him that he didn't have any knowledge of how to take care of the apartment, get food, pay bills, or any of the other things adults need to do in life.

There are so many issues in his life to work through that Joe told him he didn't know how he was going to do it without Jesus. He has a hard time believing in God because of the hypocrisy he's seen, but is open to the idea. He grew up believing he wasn't right with God because he couldn't speak in tongues. Joe opened the Bible and showed him verses on forgiveness and hope. They’ve met a few times since that initial breakfast and have delved deeper into conversations about making Jesus Lord and Savior of his life. He's not ready yet, but God is working through this storm to draw Tristan closer to Himself.

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