Pray from Porn and Addiction to Freedom

Posted on by Loren Hayes

Pray from Porn and Addiction to Freedom 

Classes have moved online; many jobs have moved online. Everyday activities that used to happen outside, in groups or away from home now often happen behind closed doors in solitude. Motivation and determination are lacking. Our emotions and present circumstances often feel unbearable and unrelenting, leaving us searching for a way to numb it all.  Stress, solitude, and boredom have all increased and unfortunately, it’s often easier to turn to darkness for reprieve than to health. 

On an average day, it isn’t hard to turn to drugs, alcohol or pornography to numb; on days like recent, it’s impossibly easy. AA meetings and alike have had to cancel in-person meetings. We are unable to speak face to face with sponsors and accountability partners. PornHub has lifted its membership fee, making it even more accessible and easy. Students and many adults no longer have to worry about what they do at night and how it may affect work or school the next morning. 

Past and present addicts of any kind know the numbness and reprieve that addiction can momentarily bring. Without physical connection and face to face contact, many students and adults alike are turning to sexting and pornography for a fleeting sense of love. 

In the face of these challenges — this darkness — pray for sincere and real connection for the adults and students in our community. Pray for the rising temperatures and sunshine to lead us outside and away from our phones and temptation. Pray for the discipline to reach out for accountability and meetings. Pray for loved ones to reach out and ask the questions that need to be asked and to call out the behaviors we think are secret. Pray the serenity prayer over our communities. Pray for freedom. Pray and reach out. 

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