Let us Pray

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Our greatest need is prayer, and you are who can be a part of meeting this need. Imagine what God could or would do if we all joined hands and hearts to pray the next 30 days for the same requests. I hope you will accept the challenge.

Years back at our national YFC conference the theme was…

No prayer—no power.

Little prayer—little power.

Much prayer—much power.

I remember the conviction as I pondered my prayer life and realized I wasn’t plugging into the power source available to me. I have learned to hit my knees more and even pray for people on the phone or in their office. I can attest to the fact I continually experience the Lord’s power as I spend time with him and pray for others.

So please join me and the YFC team the next 30 days and pray for the following:

• The staff person you know best—send them an email, text, card, or call them to let them know you are praying. Ask them for specific requests.

• 11- to 19-year-old lost/non-churched young people who desperately need a Savior

• Rallies in October and November—recruiting table hosts, our speakers, teen testimonies. See website for details.

• “Life to Our City” campaign launch—raising $600,000 to open ministries at new schools and neighborhoods in the Fort Wayne area

• An army of volunteers to love on teenagers, lead a small group, serve on a committee, and assist with some office work

Much prayer—much power. Will you join me and our YFC team the next 30 days?

As Matthew 21:22 says, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Larry Lance, CEO


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