Family Activities During Coronavirus — 3

Posted on by Loren Hayes

Family Activities During Coronavirus — 3

Obstacle Course

Items Needed: stopwatch, various items; see below

  • Jump over items (pillows, books)
  • Crawl under something (table, chair)
  • Run around items (books, toys, stuffed animals)
  • Maneuver through a laser maze (crepe paper/string/tape)
  • Throw something into a designated area
  • Time each player for the best time
  • If you have little kids, put letters or shapes on the floor and have them get to those spaces by: crab walk to the L, skip to the square, slither to the circle, run to the B, etc.


Can You Feel It?

Items Needed: Box, scissors, different items from the house. (Taken from the Jimmy Fallon show).

  • Grab a box from an amazon shipment you just got in and set it on its side so the opening of it is facing away from you. You’ll want to cut two holes (large enough for an adult to stick their hand through), one on each side of the box in the middle of the two sides. 
  • Gather miscellaneous items around the house to place inside the box (one item at a time) where another family member will reach in with their hands and try to guess what the object is. (Examples could be: cooked spaghetti, a stuffed animal, an earthworm, playdough with toothpicks, diaper with pudding in it, etc.)
  • If you really want to get creative, you could cut a hole in the bottom of the box (again, as it’s laying on its side) and place the box over two tables so someone can reach their hand up into the box as the object. You’ll have to use blankets to cover the tables and the person hiding.)  



Items Needed:  two bandanas or something to cover two players’ eyes, food items, plates, stopwatch. (Taken from the Ellen show).

  • This is taken from the Ellen show. Split into two teams if you want competition; if not, it’s still a fun activity. Each team will gather six or more food items for their opposing team to eat. Place a little of each food item onto a plate and keep hidden from the other team. 
  • Blindfold the other team and have them stand behind a table/bar area on which you will place the food, one plate at a time. Set a timer and on go, gently help direct the first person’s face down to the plate in front of them. 
  • They have to take a bite/lick/slurp up the item and describe what it is to their partner who has to guess what it is. Once the partner guesses correctly, the guesser is then directed down to the plate in front of them and does the same. This continues until all the food items have been guessed for that team and time is recorded. Switch positions so the other team tries the food and see which team is the fastest. (Examples of good items: ketchup, Rice Krispies, chips, goldfish, veggies, fruit, etc.)
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