Family Activities During Coronavirus — 2

Posted on by Loren Hayes

Family Activities During Coronavirus — 2

Indoor Mini Golf

Items Needed: small ball(s), golf club/broom/book (something to hit the ball with)

  • Set up different obstacles around the house. Here are some ideas for the holes: cut out a hole using the one in an empty kleenex box, an empty container, a cup, placing books upright to form a tent, empty toilet paper roll, a ramp into an object, a hole in a box.
  • Get creative — use your stairs or your backyard if weather allows!

Beat That

Items Needed: pair of dice, paper, pen/pencil

  • Players take turns rolling the dice and write the highest value number they can make with the two numbers on the dice. For instance, if a player rolls a 6 and a 4, they would write 64 on their piece of paper. The next player rolls the dice and tries to beat that number. 
  • The player with the highest number on a round scores a point. First player to 10 wins. Depending on age of children, you could vary this for multiplication by multiplying the 2 dice rolled. 


Egg a Neighbor

Items Needed: plastic Easter eggs; candy/treats are optional

  • If you don’t have any on hand, purchase some plastic easter eggs; some come pre-filled with candy/treats. Go hide them for a neighbor (great for those with little kids) and then leave them a note on their door with how many are hidden.
  • (It may be best to contact the parent in advance in case they have a dog and to keep the kids away from windows!)
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