Battling hopelessness and despair

Posted on by Youth for Christ

In the quietness of her bedroom, “Brittany” stared out the window, wondering if anything would ever change. She pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her head, turned up the music in her headphones, and drifted from one frustration to the next.

She teared up thinking about her recent break-up. After her parents’ divorce a year ago, she thought she had found some stability with this boy, but now, her world had crumpled again. Would anyone ever notice her again? Hopelessness wrapped around her.

In that moment, Brittany’s phone buzzed. A text from Sarah. “Are we still getting coffee tonight? I hope so...looking forward to hanging out!”

A half smile crossed Brittany’s face. Sarah was one of very few people in her life who took time with her, listened to her, and seemed to care for her unconditionally.

They’d met through the Campus Life club meetings Sarah ran for kids from her school. Brittany found she could really talk with Sarah, opening up about her hurts, beliefs, and life questions.

Brittany remembered what Sarah had told her last week about God’s love — and about what Jesus’ death and resurrection really meant.

Sarah had said that when someone receives Jesus, they also receive the power to fight against hopelessness, anxiety, depression, fear, and the other battles Brittany faced every day. They had talked for a long time.

Brittany believed some of what she’d heard, but she still had so many questions. Maybe tonight, she’d ask Sarah to explain it again.

Coffee was sounding really good right about now.


Would you join us in praying for "Brittany" and the hundreds of other teenagers that our staff and volunteers are walking with every day? Ask God to reveal Himself to Brittany and she would surrender her life to Him.

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