A New Hope—How God orchestrated a spring break trip to reach a lost and hurting girl

Posted on by Youth for Christ

Spring Break 2016 was an amazing and life-changing trip, especially for a girl named “Brittney.” Five months ago, Brittney’s mother died from alcohol poisoning after years of abuse. As a result, Brittney was stuck in a custody battle between her step-dad and her biological father.

To make matters worse, Brittney’s “boyfriend” broke up with her at her mother’s funeral, and her friends don’t talk to her as much anymore. They tell her, “You’ve changed,” and, “You’re different now.” As we walked on the beach, Brittney looked at me and said, “Of course I’m different now. Of course I’ve changed; my mom just died.” In the months following her mother’s death, Brittney started turning down a path of self-destruction. Her step-dad had since gotten a new girlfriend, who appeared to be pushing Brittney out of the picture. To put it bluntly, Brittney’s life was a complete mess. She felt lost and alone. “Until this week,” she said. “This week has changed the way I look at things…I simply confessed all my sins to God and asked him to guide me down the right path. I want to have that relationship with God that most of my friends talk about. So I said yes to God!”

Brittney was a last-minute add-on to the Spring Break trip this year. It was a plan that only God could have worked out. Thank you for your prayer support in helping young people like Brittney find hope.

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