3 strategies for talking to your kids about porn, and why you should start that conversation today

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What if you knew there was a predator stalking your kids, ready to snag them at any and every opportunity? A stalker so dangerous that it had the power to derail their future, dehumanize their relationships, and destroy their intimacy with God?

That predator is very real. Its name is pornography, and chances are good that your children have already fallen into its snares. Consider the stats. According to recent studies, almost half of kids between the ages of 10 and 17 watch pornography — on their computers, tablets, and phones. This, despite parents’ best efforts to install safety features. Of those kids watching porn, many say they weren’t looking for it in the first place. It found them.

We are living in an age when 90% of pornography comes through the internet, with more than 10% of all websites on the internet dedicated to this dehumanization of sex. That’s more than 24 million websites, and most of it is free. Even worse, almost one third of teens are sending nude photos of themselves to each other. Here’s the deal: many teens are exposed to porn on a consistent, regular basis, and one of those teens is very likely your son or daughter.

1. Start the conversation. According to Roger Vezeau, chief ministry officer at YFC, you need to engage your kids early and often in a lifelong conversation about becoming who God intends them to be. Pornography, one vice that can keep them from realizing God’s best, needs to be part of that conversation.

2. Get them plugged in with another caring adult. “I was my kids’ youth pastor,” says Roger, “so I made sure they had access to another, caring adult who could have these conversations with them with no shame.” A Campus Life leader is a great place to start.

3. Pursue Jesus, who is greater than any sin. “The kids I know who have successfully conquered this addiction are the ones who were aggressively pursuing the heart of Christ.” (Yet another reason to stay plugged in to everything Youth for Christ offers!)

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