Leaving a legacy

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After 10 years of ministry, Chip Clark is able to look at the City Life ministry and say he’s leaving it better than when he started! From 2 volunteers to 60; from 2 staff to 13 full and part-time employees; from 20 students a day coming to the center to now over 100, things are definitely better than when they started!

As a teen, growing up in the Wayne community, Chip wasn’t making the greatest choices. It wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he changed his life around, began following Jesus, and wanted to make a difference in his community.  

One of those ways for Chip to make a difference was through Youth for Christ’s City Life ministry where he met Jay. Chip says, “Jay Alexander was one of the first students I had the privilege of meeting. He was a tough kid, but a strong leader. I was able to befriend Jay and began what I had hoped would be a long relationship. As a director, I was just getting my feet wet in urban youth work and did not get the opportunity to pursue and impact Jay's life because he was murdered. His death upset me and put an unwavering desire to see young people like Jay empowered, utilizing the gifts, talents, and influence they already possess to change their community for Christ. I refuse to allow Jay's death to be in vain, as his death brought life to our pursuit of young people at City Life.”

Chip’s incredible passion for and belief that the teenagers in the urban community of Fort Wayne, when empowered, can and will make a difference in their community for Christ, is one of the main reasons for the success of the City Life ministry!

Following God’s calling, Chip will be leaving YFC to become the full time Worship Pastor at Blackhawk Ministries. He will be able to exercise his gifts and passions for music, communication, and people with this incredible opportunity.

Chip, as an indigenous leader yourself, you have set the example on how others can make a difference. Thank you for your vision, passion, and leadership in raising up indigenous leaders who follow Jesus and are changing their community.

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