Identify the greatness

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We serve hundreds of youth through our City Life Centers. Monday through Thursday, caring adults consistently show up in the lives of teens to come alongside of them holistically and in a relational context. We give homework help, have family meal together, and go on trips and events. Out of this group of students, leaders emerge. We call them Indigenous Leaders.

These students have given their lives to Jesus and have shown they are willing to count the cost and change their neighborhood for Christ. I have been walking with our group of Indigenous Leaders for three years, and have witnessed the transformation of them growing into who God is calling them to be. Recently, I had the opportunity to take these leaders to a conference called GoMAD. It was monumental! There was a profound moment after our guest speaker delivered the gospel where we gathered together. . We huddled up and I was prompted to call out the greatness God put into each of them. Looking around the group, I called out their name, one by one, and told them how special they are to our loving Father and the treasure God placed in them. Their eyes lit up at the awareness that Jesus notices and has unconditional love for them.

It is so important that we identify the greatness in our youth and give them an opportunity to recognize it. When we invite our youth to embrace God’s treasure in them, that will initiate them to live in God’s purpose for their lives, and change their surroundings!

Nygel Simms

Director of Urban Ministries

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