Go MAD 2018

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- “I’m so overwhelmed with life. I don’t have many people on my side that understand. A lot of times I feel like God isn’t there. My mom left me, my dad is never home. The only person is God, but even he feels gone. I feel like I’m drowning in emotion, but at the same time I feel numb and empty.”

- “A lot of bad things have happened to me and it confuses me how God would let that happen.  I think I’m starting to understand but I feel like I’m so lost and not in control of my own life and hopeless.”

- “I am so ready and on the edge of giving my life to Jesus and accepting Him into my heart, but I am being held back by something. I want to accept Jesus tonight.”

- “I have never been close to Jesus, but I do know he is there. But now, I am ready to begin a journey with Jesus.”

These are just a few responses from the 109 students Huntington North took on our annual GoMad conference in November. We had so many students share some really hard things they’ve gone through in their lives. Many who shared about struggling with anxiety, depression, suicide, loneliness, and more deep issues in which they are living. Our amazing ministry leaders were able to jump in to one-on-one conversations with students about their struggles and even prayed with a few students to accept Jesus after GoMad. God is moving in huge ways through this conference! We have 30 students involved in 2 small groups where we are following up about what a relationship with Jesus looks like and how to live out their new faith. It’s exciting to see how God is moving in all of this!

Liz Irick

Huntington North Campus Life director

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