Giving up control

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This life-changing story is written by “Sarah,” a high school senior, who found hope and healing through Jesus Christ!

My name is “Sarah” and I am a high school senior. I didn’t grow up going to church, but I always knew there was a God and wanted to know Him. Last year around Halloween I was completely overwhelmed with anxiety and depression. I found myself in the school restroom feeling sick, and went to the nurse. She said it was stress related, and that I should see the school counselor. The school counselor recommended I start attending Campus Life. I had never gone before but always wanted to.

The next Monday I went, and my Campus Life director, “Jen,” reached out to me. She asked if I wanted to hang out, and I took her up on that offer later that week. I came over to her house and we talked for over 3 hours! I had so many questions and doubts. We continued to hang out every week after that. She even got me my first Bible and taught me how to look up verses. Because I dealt with anxiety we looked up verses pertaining to that. These brought me some peace, but Jen explained that without the power of the Holy Spirit it would be harder for me to be freed from these anxieties. We continued to talk about being free and who Jesus is.

I believed in Jesus and his power but had never received Him. Jen explained that following Jesus would cost me everything. I was apprehensive because I wasn’t sure that I wanted to give up the control of my life. I already didn’t have control over my anxiety, depression, or my parents getting divorced, so losing control of another thing terrified me. It was on the Campus Life spring break trip that God covered me with peace and showed me I didn’t need to be fearful of following Him. I realized God was a good Father who wanted to make me whole. He wanted to fill the emptiness and heal the pain in my life. I knew becoming a Christian didn’t mean my life would be easy, but it meant I wouldn’t be alone. It was April 5th at 9:32pm that I told Jesus I was ready to give my entire life to Him and receive the Holy Spirit! I found Jen and she gave me the biggest hug of my life. We talked for a while about how I am a new creation and my new identity as a daughter of the King. Then as any other teenager would do, I tweeted, about it: “Just gave myself to God and received the Holy Spirit. 04/05/16 #CLSB2K16”

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