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Megan was a freshman when she started attending Club with her friends. As our ministry leaders got to know Megan, we quickly found she had a lot of questions regarding Jesus. Megan comes from a split family where her mom and brother are atheist, and her dad and stepmom go to church. She has been “confused” about faith for a long time. At the end of her freshman year, Megan’s family was going through a lot with a family member that was close to her. She sought me out to talk about the difficulties in her life. This led to some interesting conversations about Jesus, where she asked if I had a book about evidence of Jesus. I gave her the book, The Case For Christ, where she claimed to read about half of the book.

Once summer of her sophomore year hit, Megan got a job at the Aquatics Center in Columbia City where she met our Columbia City Campus Life Director, Jake Johnson. All summer long through conversations with Jake and attending Bible Study at the pool with her fellow pool staff, she began to understand a little more about Jesus. Then at the beginning of her junior year, Megan was all in for Campus Life because of what happened during the summer. Megan won a half off trip to the GoMad Conference at our kickoff event and went. While there, she heard the gospel, attended small groups, and made friends who would encourage her towards Jesus. The Monday after GoMad she posted on Instagram that she had decided to follow Jesus with everything she has.

I am so thankful for how God is working in Megan’s life and look forward to how He is going to use her!

Brad Millikan

Churubusco Campus Life director

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