Better or Bitter

Posted on by Youth for Christ

Every fall, over 1,000 students gather in downtown Ft, Wayne for an unforgettable weekend called GoMAD (Go Make A Difference). During GoMAD, students experience a high energy atmosphere that features an amazing house band, a DJ, a huge block party, a great speaker, and time with their best friends. Often this is the very first time many students hear the gospel. For Tyler, this wasn’t the first time he had heard the gospel, but it was the first time he felt compelled to respond.

Tyler had been coming to Campus Life for a year, but was just going through the motions. He liked being a part of something, but wasn’t willing to make any kind of changes to his life. That was until GoMAD. On the last night, Tyler resonated with what the speaker was saying. He had a choice; he could remain bitter with where he was in life, or he could get better by accepting Jesus into his life. That night after talking with his Campus Life leader, he sat down and prayed with him. Tyler asked God for forgiveness and told Him that he wanted to follow His son Jesus!

Fast forward a few weeks and now Tyler is becoming actively involved in a church. He’s getting into the Word and asking all kinds of great questions. Prayer is now something he does regularly. He’s no longer willing to just go through the motions; he wants more! His story is like so many others from the weekend. Praise God for using a fun weekend to step into the lives of students. The fruit and transformation will be seen for a long time to come!

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