A child of God

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I was able to take six students from Churubusco this year on our spring break trip. “Lucas” is a sophomore who went with us and has been a part of Campus Life since he started his high school career. He lives with his grandparents right now and struggles a lot with acceptance. When Lucas’ parents got a divorce several years ago, his family life got turned upside down. Both parents told him he was the reason they had gotten a divorce and that he was worthless and wouldn’t amount to anything. This obviously has affected Lucas tremendously.

On the spring break trip, God really dealt with Lucas and reminded him that there is a God who gives him worth and a purpose. Lucas has told me more than once since returning that the trip was life-changing. He has told me God has dealt with him on several issues in life and he has come home knowing he is a child of God and nobody can take that away.

In the past he has believed in God, but said that it has just been a rollercoaster with his relationship with Jesus, full of ups and downs. Lucas opened up to me on this trip and has committed to accountability for some of his struggles and to keep digging into God’s Word. He has come home changed and with the desire to keep his relationship with Jesus constant with daily devotionals and practices that will continue to grow his relationship!

Brad Millikan

Churubusco Campus Life director

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