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Identify the greatness

12/12/2018 in Category

We serve hundreds of youth through our City Life Centers. Monday through Thursday, caring adults consistently show up in the lives of teens to come alongside of them holistically and in a... More

Go MAD 2018

12/12/2018 in Category

- “I’m so overwhelmed with life. I don’t have many people on my side that understand. A lot of times I feel like God isn’t there. My mom left me, my dad is never home. The only person is... More

Everything she has

12/12/2018 in Category

Megan was a freshman when she started attending Club with her friends. As our ministry leaders got to know Megan, we quickly found she had a lot of questions regarding Jesus. Megan comes... More

Difference Maker

12/12/2018 in Category

Some Warsaw students and I had an exciting opportunity to join 1,000 other high school students in Ft. Wayne for a weekend retreat called GO MAD. We had lots of fun, formed new... More

A reason to live!

12/12/2018 in Category

“Two years ago one of the the greatest men in my life passed away. Before he passed, he shared some things with me about his illness that no one else knew. After he died, I was so mad at... More