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“I was living for myself”

12/14/2016 in Category

"Although I have always believed in God, I have not always had a relationship with Him. For a long time, I lived a very impure life and made no sacrifices in order to please God. I was living... More

“I’ve found happiness”

12/14/2016 in Category

"This past year was a rocky path for me. I was absorbed by peer pressure and negative thoughts. I didn't have much of a relationship with Jesus. About a month ago things started changing... More

“I have seen God break the chains”

12/14/2016 in Category Stories

“Over the last year God has been radically moving in my friends’ lives as well as my own. For a little over 6 months now, two other friends and I go out to breakfast weekly to keep each other... More

They don’t always say “yes” to Jesus and that’s okay

12/14/2016 in Category Stories

When a teenager texts you and says he wants to give his life to Jesus the day before Thanksgiving, you drop everything and respond. That’s exactly what Mike (one of our YFC staff) did with a... More

Keep going back to say thanks…

11/23/2016 in Category Stories

I helped coach my son’s five-year-old soccer team this year. As you can imagine, this small group of boys were full of energy, easily distracted, and often dribbling the wrong direction.... More