By volunteering at JJM you could impact young people like Phil (watch Phil's story below)!

Here are some great ways to join the YFC team and help reach young people with the Gospel!

Detention—Allen County Juvenile Center (ACJC)
This is the juvenile jail where about 50+ teens are locked up at any given time.
Volunteers can meet with teens at the detention center to:

  • Listen & mentor
  • Share your life
  • Connect in one-on-one appointments
  • Potential to start a RealTALK program or other group programs

Allen County Learning Academy (ACLA)
This alternative school is in the basement of ACJC and is for students who have been expelled from school and are on probation.
Volunteers can meet with these students to:

  • Tutor
  • Help them with their school work
  • Encourage them and help them evaluate their lives.

“Outs” / Aftercare
Once teens are released from ACJC, many go back to environments where their chance to thrive is minimal.

  • Build relationships/Mentor
  • Be a positive adult mentor
  • Disciple
  • Walk alongside, to encourage, correct and enlighten

Day & Evening Reporting Program
The Day & Evening Reporting Program is a juvenile court run alternative to incarceration program, providing highly structured programs for nonviolent offenders.
Youth for Christ is partnering with the Reporting program to provide designated programs and activities.

  • Hang out
  • Be a positive adult mentor
  • Teach a skill (ex. Music, Art, Crafts)

Youth Service Center
Youth Service Center is a 24-hour emergency shelter care facility for runaway, abused, neglected and dependent children from ages 6-18 years of age.
Youth for Christ has the opportunity to:

  • Lead a group
  • Teach a skill (ex. Music, Art, Crafts)

If you want more information, or are interested in volunteering, please contact Joe Wright at [email protected].

Note: All direct ministry volunteers are required to fill out an application, provide character references, consent to a police background check, and participate in a screening interview.

To fill out a volunteer application online, click here

To download a background consent form, click here.

Both forms must be completed and approved prior to any student interaction.