Black Friday. Cyber Monday. GIVING TUESDAY!

#GivingTuesday is a global philanthropic holiday that celebrates generosity and kindness by giving to nonprofit organizations worldwide. We at Youth for Christ of Northern Indiana invite you to join the #GivingTuesday movement and help redefine the giving spirit this holiday season!

Your #GivingTuesday donation helps bring hope to teenagers across Northern Indiana. 

This generation is the most digitally connected but emotionally detached generation in history. We hear this often as accusatory or flippant toward the problems with “young people today.” But we really want it to sink in and for our hearts to feel it. Digitally connected - emotionally detached. 

At YFC, we have decided we are not going to sit on the sidelines as this happens. We are a movement of people who love Jesus and who know “wait and see” is not the only option. Love is an option. And love works. Jesus commanded us to love the Lord our God and to love our neighbor as ourself. Young people need love. What would it look like if we, the Church, owned the mission to surround each young person in our communities? What if this sparked a movement soaked in consistent, multifaceted love? Love from adults, love from peers, love from churches and communities. Love that is pursuing - not reactive. Love that goes where they are. Love that goes after the marginalized and furthest removed. Love that introduces young people to Jesus. Does that have the potential to change the course? We think it does.

As #GivingTuesday approaches, will you consider a financial gift to help bring hope to the next generation?


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