Healing power

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“You are an amazing kid!”

I didn’t have any friends and didn’t know which direction I was going. I was constantly bullied, ignored, and misunderstood. I was without hope. I didn’t feel like anyone noticed me or cared about me. That was my life five months ago when I heard an announcement at school saying, “Sign up for the Campus Life spring break trip, it’s one you won’t forget!”

As I turned in my money for the trip, I hoped this would be something that could turn my life around...and it was! The trip was amazing and I loved every minute of it, specifically our guest speaker, Myron! He talked with us that week and shared his life and the struggles that he went through.

After club one night I just couldn't take it anymore, so I talked to him about the bullying, loneliness, and hurt with which I was dealing. After listening to me he said, “Danny, you are an amazing kid and here are all the things God says about you!” I was so encouraged!

Later, Myron gave all of the students an opportunity to go out to the beach and say “yes Jesus” if we wanted Him in our life. Out on the beach, under the stars, it was quiet and I was looking for a sign. It was chilly that night and all I had was my towel. I suddenly felt something beside me and it was like a warm blanket curling up next to me. I knew that was the sign I was waiting for, and I knew I wasn't alone. I stood up and yelled “yes Jesus” and welcomed him into my heart! I heard others yelling it too, and that's when I not only started to cry, but realized He was on the beach with all of us. I can not thank Myron enough for showing me the light in my life and helping me become a leader in the making. I am so glad I had the opportunity to go and will go back next year!

Danny, high school student

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