He changes everything

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It’s expected to come back from spring break in Florida a little more tan with a little extra skip in your step from all of the Vitamin C; but with our annual Youth for Christ spring break trip, the transformation runs deeper than skin.

This year “Damion,” a City Life student, arrived in Florida with pain and mess running deep.

Towards the end of the trip, students are given the opportunity to have solo time with God on the beach. City Life leader, Ra’Shad, sat near the tough-hearted Damion during this time, and recounts it was clear he was wrestling with God and the idea of  confession. Damion ended up pouring everything out to God, leading him to join the other students wanting to commit their lives to Christ in yelling “YES” into the star-filled sky.

When Ra’Shad went to give Damion a hug, every bit of the tough exterior softened to tears. Tears of his past hurt, sin, and pain mixed with tears of his new found joy, hope, and forgiveness.  

The Holy Spirit was moving and everything was changing for Damion. For the first time in his life, this young man realized he doesn’t have to walk through life alone - not only does he have a City Life family, but a God that nothing can separate him from. No part of Damion’s story or pain was too much for Ra’Shad or for God and this truth has changed everything.

Roger Vezeau, Chief Ministry Officer

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