The Best Question Ever.* Do you know what it is? Andy Stanley, a well known author, has said that “it will revolutionize your decision making.” It is inspired from Paul’s writings in Ephesians, specifically chapter 4 and 5. It is dangerous reading so beware.

I am committed to ask this question each day for my own personal faith journey, but also for the vision and mission of Youth for Christ. As CEO, I want to make the best decisions for our ministry, our staff, and especially the teens we serve.

Here it comes! Sit down…buckle up…WHAT IS THE WISE THING TO DO?  Ok, I know it doesn’t sound overly complicated, doesn’t take a Greek scholar to interpret it, and doesn’t require a special talent but that’s the beauty of it. Anyone can do it.

As we pray through which schools to start, which programs to expand, how far to stretch our boundaries in Northern Indiana, I am convinced we will get to our goal of having Christ-sharing relationships with 20,000 teens in 2018.  Especially if we can stay committed to “WHAT IS THE WISE THING TO DO?”
This will work in marriages, finances, business decisions, raising children. Try it!

I am starting with the first “Wise Thing” I know and that’s prayer. I hope you will join me and commit to praying for this growing ministry. Pray how God might use you to help us with our vision and dreams to impact a hurting generation of teenagers.

Larry Lance
CEO, Youth for Christ of Northern Indiana

*Acknowledgment to Andy Stanley and his book The Best Question Ever